[lineˈatuːɐ̯] our studio,
where branding & architecture merge to create holistic places

Option 1

Branding + Architecture

for clients with existing & new brands in hospitality, workplaces, retail, public spaces etc.

  • 01 Status Analysis
  • 02 Strategic Brand Creation
  • 03 Naming Process
  • 04 Corporate Design Foundation
  • 05 Design Planning
  • 06 Brand in space & Signage
  • 07 Approval Planning
  • 08 Detailed Planning
  • 09 Corporate Design Adaptation
  • 10 Artistic / Site Supervision

Option 2


for clients with existing & new brands without physical spaces

  • 01 Strategic Brand Creation
  • 02 Naming Process
  • 03 Corporate Design Foundation
  • 04 Corporate Design Adaptation

Option 3


for clients with commercial spaces with existing brands or residential projects

  • 01 Status Analysis
  • 02 Preliminary Planning
  • 03 Design Planning
  • 04 Approval Planning
  • 05 Detailed Planning
  • 06 Tender & Procurement
  • 07 Artistic / Site Supervision
LINEATUR is a studio for architecture and branding founded by us, Janis Nachtigall (architect), Dana Mikoleit (interior architect) and Pia Held (art director) (from left to right). Our common vision is the natural and mindful design of unique spaces that evoke emotions and tell stories – we deliver a complete package, from concept, branding and communication to architecture and interior design.

We curate spaces.

Through our diverse perspectives (branding, architecture and interior), we perceive spaces holistically and create individual and consistent concepts.

We have organic motifs.

Our approach is to work with natural and mindful materials that come from sustainable production and local craftsmanship.

We tell esthetic stories.

We believe that unique spaces and brands need a solid foundation and a conceptual narrative that visualizes their core identity.